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We view our relationship as more than a source of valuable seminars. The Levinson consultants bring a wealth of valuable knowledge and information to our organization in organizational diagnosis, executive coaching and strategic design around our talent pool. Read more.

 rosanna ouellette_1 Rosanna Ouellette-Pesicka, VP, Employee Services and Systems, Antea Group

Few CEOs have the assessment and development systems in place they need to identify the key talent required over the next five, 10, or 20 years.  More often than not, they wait until a critical vacancy occurs to do a quick scan of those immediately available.

Over the past 25 years, Levinson and Co. has developed the most powerful talent “potential pipeline” mapping system available.  It’s this detailed mapping that allows our clients to create outstanding succession plans.

Levinson and Co.’s succession planning system, coupled with its SONARIO® organizational and talent development software, enables CEOs, executives, and HR leaders to: 

  • Model alternative structures required to support various strategic scenarios five, 10, even 20 years in the future
  • Predict whether the existing pool of talent has enough people with the potential to fill future roles
  • Proactively manage the career development of those people to be prepared to “hit the ground running” when those future roles open up.

Nearly five decades of executive leadership development research and consultancy work in Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and family businesses has given Levinson and Co. the deep experience to guide organizations in creating and implementing truly strategic succession plans.

Levinson strategic succession planning systems have significantly improved clients’ business results, both short- and long-term.  They also lower the actual and opportunity costs involved in talent acquisition, development, and retention.

Levinson and Co. consultants apply proven organizational design principles to help clients translate strategies into the possible future structures and roles required to implement them.  These future roles translate into the capabilities required to effectively fill them.  These “capability lenses” can then be used as guidelines to evaluate the organization’s employees.

In particular, using Levinson’s Strategic Organization methodologies and SONARIO® software, executives are able to:

  • Determine both the number and complexity of roles required in the future
  • Assess the current and future potential of their employees to function at differing levels of complexity
  • Model succession plans that increase the opportunities for both the organization (more people for each future role) and people (more possible future roles for each employee). 

In this way, executives are able to test the “talent feasibility” of alternative strategies and understand—in advance—which ones would require significant external recruitment and which could be realized with aggressive internal development.


To find out more about how you can unleash the power of the Levinson Succession Planning process, contact Gerry Kraines