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GG-lightbulb After almost 50 years of research and consulting, Levinson and Co. understands a great deal about how nature intends for people to organize, behave, and interact in different kinds of working environments.  There is a genuine science emerging about the anatomy and physiology of capable, effective, and accountable business organizations and government agencies.  And, if these scientific principles and practices are applied properly, any organization can be transformed to its maximum potential health and productive effectiveness.  The Strategic Organization seminar teaches you how to understand all of the organizational components that account for the challenges you need to address and solve.  It explains the science and provides the methodologies to integrate all an organization’s strategy, structure, processes, HR systems, and people—and analyze them as a total system.  Experience firsthand how the entire process can be efficiently implemented and sustained using the most advanced software technology available, SONARIO®. This five-day seminar equips executives and senior level managers and HR/OD leaders with the principles, practices, and tools to effectively align every aspect of a company around its business strategy.  Past participants have described this widely acclaimed seminar as “dynamic,” “provocative,” and “powerful.”


  • Establish accountability leadership at every level of your organization
  • Build a culture of accountability, grounded in trust, fairness, and respect, where all employees “keep their word” and “earn their keep”
  • Create an optimal organizational design to fit your business strategy
  • Structure departments, units, and divisions in which each level of management adds value
  • Define and implement managerial practices that will fully utilize the potential of your people
  • Create dynamic recruitment, selection, retention, and succession plans with SONARIO® - software-supported technology for assessing and developing your entire talent pool
  • Drive transformational change and create a culture of “adaptive readiness”


  • Lectures and discussions
  • Video presentations
  • Multiple business case analyses
  • Business change planning


Strategic Organization will significantly enhance participants’ ability to design optimal organization structures and processes, based on their organization’s unique business model and strategy.  In addition, participants develop a thorough understanding of how to implement a comprehensive system of human-capital management that strategically ensures robust talent pipelines, as well as greater employee engagement, retention, and productivity.  Participants also acquire experience with state-of-the-art technology tools, like SONARIO®, which support a total Accountability Leadership system.  Participants leave with a detailed blueprint for designing and implementing a healthier organization.

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Program length: 5 days



As you may know, we have suspended the open-enrollment version of Strategic Organization for 2019.  This has freed us to provide more frequent and time-efficient leadership-system-development services to our clients—delivered to managers inside their companies.  Rest assured.  The knowledge thousands of managers have gained at Strategic Organization is ingrained in Levinson’s DNA.  This has not changed.  Our current goal is to spread the learning to as many managers as possible across as many companies as possible.

For additional information on the in-house version of Strategic Organization, contact Larry Ramsdell at or Cynsie Kraines at



To sample some of the concepts presented at the seminar, check out the Strategic Organization slideshow.



For additional information on course content, please take a look at Overview of Strategic Organization 2019.


The following link is to a keynote presentation Dr. Gerry Kraines, CEO of Levinson and Co.,  made at the world conference “Designing the Smarter Organization” held in New York City on August 3, 2014.  Dr. Kraines’s address is titled Requisite Organization: Theory and Practice.






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