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Dr. Joe Privott, the founding CEO of Novus International, gave the following talk during the company’s June 2016 twenty-fifth anniversary celebration. Novus, a scientifically oriented feed-ingredients spinoff of Monsanto, has been driven since its inception by the genuine purpose to help feed the world affordable food.  Moreover, both the mission and business results are remarkably successful by almost any metric.

Novus International (and Monsanto before it) has had a longstanding relationship with The Levinson Institute and its leadership development programs, dating back to the early 1980s. During those years, Dr. Privott attended two of Levinson’s weeklong seminars, On Leadership and Modern Organization (now Strategic Organization), where he was deeply impressed with Dr. Harry Levinson’s concept of the psychological contract and Dr. Elliott Jaques’s Requisite Organization system of accountability leadership.

Dr. Privott explains in his talk how he embedded many of these concepts and applications to serve as the foundation for Novus International’s past—and future—successes. Dr. Gerry Kraines, the current CEO of Levinson and Co., continues to work with Novus International to sustain and enhance the Novus Management System.



  • The Levinson Institute is the teaching arm of Levinson and Co.
  • The Levinson Institute was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1968, by Harvard Business School professor, Dr. Harry Levinson.
  • With a network of 50,000 alumni worldwide, The Levinson Institute is a pioneer in the study of the psychological and organizational aspects of leadership in the workplace.
  • The focus is on delivering practical, real-world approaches to personal and strategic organizational leadership through executive seminars and programs.
  • Independently validated participant reports of over 500% ROI.
  • Seminars are directed by Dr. Gerry Kraines, chairman and CEO of Levinson and Co., and Levinson faculty member since 1980.
  • Dr. Kraines has developed and advanced a widely acclaimed approach that fundamentally transforms work organizations by unleashing previously unrealized potential.

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Over 20 years, Levinson have been an invaluable partner in helping to develop leaders within our organization. The Levinson ‘On Leadership’ and ‘Strategic Leadership’ seminars are an integral part of our leadership development curriculum. Read more.

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