Self Assessment

This questionnaire is intended as a framework only, for helping you to think about yourself as a leader. The purpose is to help you focus on your perceptions of your strengths, as well as those areas in which you may want to plan for training, coaching, and/or other developmental experiences.

  • Effective managers and leaders need skills in their own technical or professional areas, but they also need:

    • To understand people
    • To manage effectively
    • To understand the organizational systems in which they operate

    We would like you to consider, and write a few sentences about:

  • Consider such issues, for example, as
    • How well you "size up" people
    • How you work with, and enjoy working with, others
    • How much you understand others' motivations, and why they do the things they do
  • Consider such issues, for example, as
    • How you plan and communicate those plans to others
    • How you assign tasks and monitor them
    • How/whether you provide feedback, both positive and negative, and develop your people
  • Consider such issues, for example, as how well you
    • Align your work in an organizational context
    • Work across functions
    • Approach systems—compensation, appraisal, career development, etc.
  • Please complete the following statements as well.