Rosanna Ouellette-Pesicka, VP, Employee Services and Systems, Antea Group





Our managers return from Levinson training with a solid knowledge base to build from – the Levinson immersion experience takes them from the science/theory behind the concepts all the way through to practical implementation of their day to day leadership challenges and a look in the mirror at their own leadership strengths and weaknesses. 

Leaders really value the ability to work with different companies within the course to establish relationships with colleagues at their level that they can utilize for future information sharing and external mentors.

Our culture and environment reflects the practical implementation of Levinson concepts.  Our first year of implementing the effectiveness appraisals and calibration process was eye opening – first we drove out negative behaviors (pulling down the role) simply by bringing this to employee’s attention. 

The second year we focused on how effective they were mastering their role.  This past year – we spent the majority of our time focusing on “what’s next” – development, opportunities and challenges.  It’s a great success story of implementing a performance culture.