The following link is to a keynote presentation Dr. Gerry Kraines, CEO of Levinson and Co.,  made at the world conference “Designing the Smarter Organization” held in New York City on August 3, 2014.  Dr. Kraines’s address is titled Requisite Organization: Theory and Practice.     http://globalro.org/index.php/sig/1630-gkraines-ro-overview-2014


Levinson offers a company’s board a unique lens to peer inside the CEO’s black box and to track the organizational, talent and leadership linkages driving output. Read more.

 Ben Duster_1 Benjamin C. Duster IV, Corporate Governance Expert, and Independent Advisor


Levinson helped us to drive $152 million in annualized improvements and over $1 billion in equity. Read more.

 membres conseil Domtar Denis Turcotte, Former CEO, Algoma Steel


For over 25 years, Levinson and Co. has demonstrated the success of its Strategic Organization design-and-development model. When combined with SONARIO® technology, companies become more dynamic and healthy, and expert at working at full potential.

  • What sets Levinson organizational design and development apart is that Levinson consultation develops a total managerial-leadership system that helps executives, managers, and employees work more strategically, productively, and accountably.
  • Levinson and Co. consultants work with you—not for you—to deliver knowledge, tools, and understanding, leading to reliable diagnoses of gaps in your organization, talent, and leadership.
  • We guide you in designing and implementing optimal, strategically aligned structures and processes that eliminate these gaps. And we support you in gathering data, analyzing it, and using scientifically tested principles to help you design an aligned, more productive organization.
  • The Strategic Organization consulting process drives inefficiency out and lets accountability in. It ensures every employee has clear accountabilities, the requisite authority to meet them, and accountability for keeping their word and earning their keep. And it creates a culture of transparency, trust, fairness, and respect, eliminating destructive, undermining behaviors.
  • With Levinson’s advanced talent-assessment-and-development process and SONARIO®, your “pipelines of potential” can be reliably predicted. This allows you to align your recruitment, development, and succession-planning initiatives with both short-term and long-term strategies.

Learn about this comprehensive approach to delivering full potential enterprise value. It is available both in The Levinson Institute’s Strategic Organization seminar and can be easily adapted for in-house, custom programs.


To find out more about how you can unleash the power of Levinson organization design and development, contact Gerry Kraines