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Levinson Institute seminars create strong leaders—leaders who set clear direction, create focused strategies, engage enthusiastic commitment, align thinking and decisions, and develop capabilities.  Managers who attend Levinson’s flagship seminar, On Leadership, leave with the knowledge, understanding, and confidence to better leverage the full potential of their people.

If you believe you are a high-potential manager seeking to equip yourself with a complete system for accountability leadership while also encouraging trust and fairness in your organization, this seminar offers immediate, practical returns.

Over five thought-provoking days, you will acquire a powerful model, invaluable leadership wisdom and pragmatic, results-oriented skills for aligning and implementing the human dimension required for achieving your strategic objectives.

The seminar is tailored to meet your unique needs, through confidential analyses of work-related cases (yours and those of other participants), one-on-one coaching, and creation of individualized leadership-development action plans.

Accountability Leadership, the best-selling reference book on the subject, by Dr. Gerald A. Kraines, chairman and CEO of the Levinson Institute, and Harry Levinson on the Psychology of Leadership, by Dr. Harry Levinson, provide a framework and further context throughout the course.


  • The Levinson L.E.A.D. model
    • Leveraging potential by
    • Engaging people
    • Aligning judgment
    • Developing capabilities
  • Understanding and building a culture of accountability
  • Harnessing motivation and building strong psychological contracts
  • Identifying and building on potential to create high-performing teams
  • Developing results-oriented, value-adding, leadership practices
  • Driving organizational change
  • Leading under fire
  • Strengthening the heart, mind, and soul of the leader


  • Lectures, videos, exercises
  • Group discussions
  • Small-group case work on participant cases
  • One-on-one coaching sessions
  • Strategic alignment business planning


Participants develop a solid understanding of what constitutes effective, accountability leadership.  They learn how to implement the L.E.A.D. principles.  Participants will have worked through their own individual cases and other participants’ real-world scenarios and issues, as well as participated in one-on-one sessions with their small-group leader, a skilled clinician-consultant.  Every participant takes away a business aligned, personal leadership development action plan, based on their own learning as well as coach-and-peer feedback.

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Program length: 5 days



As you may know, we have suspended the open-enrollment version of On Leadership for 2019.  This has freed us to provide more frequent and time-efficient leadership-development services to our clients—delivered to managers inside their companies.  Rest assured.  The knowledge thousands of managers have gained at On Leadership is ingrained in Levinson’s DNA.  This has not changed.  Our current goal is to spread the learning to as many managers as possible across as many companies as possible.

For additional information on the in-house version of On Leadership, please contact Larry Ramsdell at or Cynsie Kraines at


To sample some of the concepts presented at the seminar, check out the On Leadership slideshow.

 On Leadership PowerPoint

For a more detailed description of course content, please take a look at Overview of On Leadership 2019.



I have gained a deal of knowledge/skill this week from the Levinson faculty, and a great deal of insight from the experiences that our group has shared with each other. I am coming away from this week with a better understanding of myself, my capacity, my ego, my drives, my role, and my approach to my team and my organization.

Philip L. Gilchrist, Consultant, C.E.M., USA Operations, Antea®Group


The Levinson On Leadership training delivered the right content, at the right time in my career, to have a significant impact on both myself and the teams I lead. To share the journey with executives from other firms, who are facing similar challenges, only helped to enrich the quality of learning.

Russell Clarkson, Vice President, Pariveda Solutions, Inc.


On Leadership is the only leadership program I have attended that has a heart and soul.

Rina Chanco Estolano, Human Resources Manager, Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines, Inc.



It was the enduring principles I learned at Levinson that provided the platform for me to build my business. Read more.

 Lawrence Ng Lawrence Ng, Chairman and Co-Founder,


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