Gerald A. Kraines, M.D. (Gerry) is chairman and chief executive officer of Levinson and Co., The Levinson Institute, and SONARIO®.  He is also a faculty member of the Harvard Medical School.

Since 1991, Dr. Kraines has dedicated the Institute to continue the mission of founder, Dr. Harry Levinson to develop and communicate in-depth knowledge about people and human systems in order to enhance the effectiveness of all business organizations.

He has successfully integrated the seminal works of Dr. Levinson about the psychological aspects of leadership with those of Dr. Elliott Jaques on the subject of organizational leadership systems.

Dr. Kraines is firmly committed to building effective organizations and healthy work environments based on a sound, in-depth understanding of human motivation and work systems.

He has written extensively on diverse subjects including brain chemistry, mental health administration, stress in the workplace, the use of organization to improve mental health, and the role of hierarchy in creating highly adaptive and accountable work systems.

His groundbreaking book, Accountability Leadership, published in August 2001 is the industry standard on the subject.  As a result, Dr. Kraines is frequently featured and quoted on managerial issues focusing on bringing both scientific knowledge and common sense back to the workplace.

He regularly lectures on leadership development; managing organizational change; on developing tough, but fair work cultures; on approaches to highly productive and accountable teams; and on those principles essential for achieving fully integrated, managerial leadership systems.

Born in Chicago, Dr. Kraines received an undergraduate degree from Oberlin College in organic chemistry, a medical degree from Case Western Reserve, and a psychiatric fellowship and a postgraduate degree in community psychiatry from the Harvard Medical School.

He has undertaken several public health projects in the United States, including two years in the U.S. Public Health Service and five years as medical director of a mental health center.

Dr. Kraines was elected president of his hospital’s medical staff and to the executive committee of the New Hampshire Psychiatric Society.  He served an appointment on the Governor’s Council for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention in New Hampshire.  In 1990, he founded New Hampshire’s first mental health HMO—an innovative joint venture between industry leaders and public and private mental health sectors.

Prior to becoming president and CEO of Levinson & Co., Dr. Kraines practiced clinical psychiatry for over 15 years.

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Cynsie Kraines is chief operating officer and senior vice president, leadership development, at Levinson and Co.

Ms. Kraines’ primary focus is to establish and maintain the culture, practices, and resources to help organizations ensure robust, accountable, managerial, and team-working leadership.

She works with all levels of management to ensure a full understanding of how properly structured and managed work teams can ensure the efficient and creative implementation of strategic goals.

Ms. Kraines also directs the Institute’s program of diverse in-service training activities.  These programs range from managerial training, coaching, team building, change management, communication, and problem-solving skill development, to more complex implementation of adaptive, cross-functional workflow processes.  She also heads the Institute’s train-the-trainers program; in this capacity, she has trained numerous educators around the world.

Ms. Kraines came to Levinson & Co. from the healthcare industry, where she held key managerial positions, for more than 20 years, in both the private and public sectors.

She has also worked in high-level roles in marketing, epidemiological research and international training.  Her most recent positions were directing clinical research and, later, international training for a biotech company whose vaccine eradicated the most prevalent form of childhood meningitis from the Western world.  In this capacity, she has written and authored numerous professional articles and chapters in the medical literature.

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Norman Wing Johnston is managing director, Levinson and Co., Asia Pacific.

Entrusted with expanding the presence of Levinson and Co. in the Asia Pacific region, Norman Johnston is a highly regarded veteran of the corporate world. As a global executive, he has created value in both established multimillion dollar public enterprises, and new policy and development ventures.  It is this experience that Norm brings to Levinson and Co., ensuring that theory and practice mesh together seamlessly.

Skilled in corporate diagnostics and establishing the necessary operational process infrastructure required to achieve valuable performance improvements, Norm is adept at achieving both top and bottom-line performance.

His experience with Levinson’s philosophies and methodologies have served Norm well, allowing him to embed a vision and a set of values within the organization, guaranteeing effective integration within the organization on a day to day basis. 

Norm has represented and advised government entities as well as private enterprise, from the Australian federal and New South Wales state government, to the Middle East Development Authority, as well as CEO of a UAE Government Authority responsible for managing industrial cities, operating as Special Economic Zones.

Norman holds an MBA, Master of Town and Country Planning from Sydney University, a BA (Econ), Dip Urban Studies from Macquarie University and a Cert. Accounting/ Portfolio Planning from Bond University.

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Harry Levinson, Ph.D., was chairman emeritus and founder of The Levinson Institute, founded in 1968.  He was also clinical professor of psychology emeritus in the Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School.  Dr. Levinson was a ground-breaker progressive thinker who created new rules of engagement for the business world, advising and teaching individuals in hundreds of business, academic, and government organizations.  As the inventor of the term the psychological contract, Dr. Levinson changed the way corporations think about the workplace by demonstrating a link between job conditions and emotional health

Born in Port Jervis, New York, Dr. Levinson received his B.S. degree and his M.S. degree from Emporia (Kansas) State University.  He took his training in clinical psychology in the Veterans Administration-Menninger Foundation University of Kansas program, which led to his Ph.D. from the university.  As coordinator of professional education at Topeka State Hospital from 1950 to 1953, he played a key role in the dramatic and widely acclaimed reformation of the Kansas state hospital system.  In 1954 Dr. Levinson created, and for the next 14 years directed, the Division of Industrial Mental Health of The Menninger Foundation.  During the academic year 1961–62 he was a visiting professor at the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and in 1967 at the School of Business at the University of Kansas. 

From 1968 to 1972, Dr. Levinson was Thomas Henry Carroll-Ford Foundation distinguished visiting professor in the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration.  He was an adjunct professor in the Boston University School of Business Administration and in the Pace University Graduate School.  Dr. Levinson was a Ford Foundation visiting professor at the H. C. Mathur Institute of Public Administration in Jaipur, India, in the summer of 1974.  He was a visiting centennial professor at Texas A&M in April 1976, and in September 1979 conducted the international course on occupational social psychiatry for the Finnish Government Institute of Occupational Health, under the sponsorship of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

He received the Perry L. Rohrer Consulting Psychology Practice Award for outstanding achievement in psychological consultation in 1984; was recognized with the Massachusetts Psychological Association’s Career Award and the first award of The Society of Psychologists in Management in 1985; received the Organization Development Professional Practice Award for Excellence from the American Society for Training and Development in 1988; was recognized with the I. Arthur Marshall Distinguished Alumnus Award of The Menninger Alumni Association in 1990; and was named co-recipient of the American Psychological Association Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Knowledge in 1992.  In April 1986 he delivered the Dr. Nathan Sidel Lecture at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston.  Dr. Levinson was past president of the American Board of Professional Psychology, past president of the Kansas Psychological Association, and former chairman of the Kansas Advisory Committee to the United States Civil Rights Commission.

As author, his work was prodigious.  In addition to numerous articles, Dr. Levinson was the senior author of Men, Management, and Mental Health and author of Emotional Health in the World of Work; Executive Stress; Executive (a revision of The Exceptional Executive, which won the McKinsey Foundation, Academy of Management, and James A. Hamilton College of Hospital Administrators awards); Organizational Diagnosis; The Great Jackass Fallacy; Psychological Man; Casebook for Psychological Man; Casebook for Psychological Man: Instructor’s Guide; with Dr. Stuart Rosenthal, CEO: Corporate Leadership in Action (which won The American College of Healthcare Executives James A. Hamilton Book Award in 1986); Ready, Fire, Aim: Avoiding Management by Impulse; editor of Designing and Managing Your Career: Advice from the Harvard Business Review; Career Mastery; and Harry Levinson on the Psychology of Leadership.

Dr. Levinson passed away on June 26, 2012, in Delray Beach, Florida.  He was 90.