The global economy has shifted to the Asia Pacific region with over 50% of world trade now centered on the region.  The shift from Europe has happened over the past two decades and places a sharp focus on the rising economies of China, India, Thailand, as well as Australia and Singapore.  Levinson and Co. has recognised this shift and wants to be working with leading business houses in these expanding economies, applying its scientifically proven leadership and organization design solutions.  It sought an experienced executive to head up the Asia Pacific operation of the prestigious Harvard-affiliated group.

After due consideration, Levinson and Co. has selected Norman Johnston, an incredibly experienced group general manager and CEO to head up Levinson and Co. Asia Pacific and expand its programs throughout the region.

Gerald A. Kraines M.D.

Chairman and CEO
Levinson and Co.



From a short interview with Mr. Johnston


I accepted the Levinson and Co. appointment after two visits to the Harvard-affiliated group in Boston, USA.  I wanted to understand their work and experience the scientifically based teachings myself to judge whether I thought it would effectively transition to the Asia Pacific market.  I must say I was impressed with several key elements and I would like to explain why. 

  • The Levinson Institute was founded over 44 years ago by Dr. Harry Levinson, a world- renowned business psychologist on the faculty of the Harvard Business School.  Harry went on to work with many of the leading organizations throughout the USA explaining what “leadership” truly meant and how businesses could expand and profit from well-thought-through management principles.  And so the heritage developed.
  • Now some four decades later, Dr. Gerry Kraines, chairman and CEO of Levinson and Co., continues the tradition with his own groundbreaking work.  Having consulted to over 100 of the largest companies headquartered in the USA and the Americas, he has a wisdom in modern business practices that is rare for such an academically based professional.  Over 44,000 leaders and managers have now been through his programs On Leadership and Strategic Organization, making them ingrained into the everyday management of these organizations. 
  • Disciples send their people to the programs every year, some for over several decades, and the reasons are simple, they work!  Dr. Kraines has consulted to some of the largest organizations in America, ranging in size from 1,000 employees to well over 300,000 employees.
  • Many big names are among them and their profitability and performance can be directly linked to the work undertaken in strategic design, structures, processes, and the role of the people engaged to do the work.
  • People are important to Dr. Kraines and he has been able to effectively define and clarify accountabilities in complex systems; assess and develop talent, with respect to potential, effectiveness, and capabilities; and deploy talent optimally while planning for succession. 
  • The rapidly growing Asia Pacific region will need the same; as markets grow, skill shortages start to develop, leadership has new demands placed on it, and companies must start to consider their effectiveness and capabilities.  What are the tools available and how are they deployed effectively?  Simply, we have all the answers and they are not management fads but real, scientifically proven methods.
  • In addition, we have SONARIO®, a comprehensive organizational and talent development software system, which allows you to do all this in real time and put forward options and solutions—without disrupting the business.

These are some of the reasons I chose Levinson and Co. as my next professional appointment.  I am sure that as businesses in the region grow more familiar with the program, they will do exactly the same thing.

I also welcome our new association with the NSW and Queensland Australia Business Council.  Our partnership will be working closely with Australian business leaders to present the Levinson and Co. programs in the very best way possible.”

Norman Johnston

Managing Director
Levinson and Co.
Asia Pacific