Gary M. Wisniewski, P.E., CEO, USA, Antea Group





Antea Group has a more than 20 year relationship with Levinson; they have been an invaluable partner in helping to develop leaders within our organization. The Levinson “On Leadership” and “Strategic Leadership” seminars are an integral part of our leadership development curriculum.

Levinson introduces leaders not only to some solid theoretical concepts on leadership but also to some simple and pragmatic tools to put it into practice.

When our managers return from The Levinson Institute “On Leadership” seminar, they generally describe it a career altering and sometimes life altering experience. They learn not only how to understand and more effectively lead others but also about themselves and how their leadership skills are perceived.

Antea Group worked with Levinson to overhaul our effectiveness appraisal process from top to bottom. By incorporating the concepts of accountable leadership, clear assignment giving and the effectiveness calibration (gearing) process, we have succeeded in creating not only a more satisfied workforce but also in driving the performance of the firm to new heights.

At Antea Group, we view our relationship with Levinson and Co. as more than a source of valuable seminars; the consultants at Levinson bring a wealth of valuable knowledge and information to our organization in organizational diagnosis, executive coaching and strategic design around our talent pool.