There are four categories of executive issues that can benefit significantly from Levinson executive coaching.  Each one presents a different set of challenges requiring different approaches.

  • Decision-making: Tough choices arise periodically in most executives’ careers.  These choices involve multiple considerations, with no clear, right answers. 
  • Development: Every executive has strengths and weaknesses.  Often, the strengths more than compensate for the gaps, especially when others can help to fill the void.  Sometimes, however, the gaps present a significant problem.  For example, these gaps can block a manager from being promoted.  This is especially true with young, high-potential managers, who are technically capable beyond their years, but still need to accelerate their interpersonal maturation.
  • Derailment: When executives exhibit extreme behaviors, they can become derailed in the roles and their careers.  While developmental coaching focuses on filling gaps, derailing coaching addresses modifying negative behaviors, which actively undermine an executive’s personal effectiveness or the effectiveness of the teams he or she works with.
  • Dialog: On occasion, conflicts or significant disagreements between individuals, groups, or functions in an organization lead to serious breakdowns in communication. 

Levinson and Co. consultants are world experts in executive coaching.  Dr. Harry Levinson, Harvard Business School professor and founder of the Levinson Institute, literally wrote the books on how to develop great leaders.  Our Harvard-affiliated consultants and coaches combine decades of coaching experience with a comprehensive understanding of human motivation and interaction, leadership systems and culture, and the cause-and-effect interactions between people and their organizations.

Executive 4D coaching is different for each client.  However, 4D coaching usually includes the following elements:

  • Clarifying the issues to be addressed by the person requesting the coaching (if not the client) and the client
  • Identifying additional relevant issues, behaviors, and effects via interviews with a client’s manager, colleagues, subordinates, and other sources of information
  • Understanding the context, history, and impact of the issues
  • Developing plans with specific goals and timetables and confirming them with all appropriate parties
  • The actual coaching, with a focus on clarifying and changing the client’s intentions and behaviors
  • Specific training, when indicated, about leadership practices, communication and meeting accountabilities
  • Soliciting feedback about the individual’s progress
  • Reconnecting the client with his or her own manager at the end of the coaching period to assess outcomes and decide on next steps 


Cynsie Kraines will be happy to provide more details about this consultation on a confidential basis.

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Leaders of executive and management teams often find their managers’ energies directed to non-productive areas when they should be focused on goal-directed tasks and the solution of day-to-day problems. Major events such as restructuring, mergers, and changes in top management only serve to exacerbate existing internal conflicts. Groups that had previously functioned well may become contentious and turf conscious.  Members of these teams look to leaders, who, unfortunately may also be in conflict. Managers may perceive a loss of momentum, a decline in productivity and morale, and an increase of anger.

Levinson and Co. consultants have decades of knowledge and experience in working with executive teams to achieve collaboration, alignment, and optimal results.  We have an exceptional track record in helping to create high-performance, highly collaborative senior teams.  Our Harvard-affiliated staff provides a set of practical leadership and team-working communication tools (context setting, goal alignment, and collaborative negotiation) as well as insight into achieving respectful, trust-inducing, and cohesive group behaviors.

The key to achieving strong team collaboration is in creating clear and unambiguous alignment and engagement: alignment of organizational intent, of team-member goals, and of intended team-member interdependencies. 

  • Levinson’s approach to executive teambuilding begins with driving clarity about strategy and accountabilities and ensuring open two-way communication about the context surrounding those accountabilities. 
  • As the team coalesces around a mutually understood vision of what constitutes an optimal overall team outcome, team members learn to communicate clearly, openly, and respectfully, both as a team and in one-on-one discussions.
  • By implementing Levinson team-working practices, executive teams are able to be disciplined in executing a plan, while simultaneously function adaptively and responsively to sudden change. 
  • Levinson consultants teach senior teams how to convert work-related tensions and conflicts into strong collaboration, understanding, and problem solving.

Levinson and Co. offers a wide range of teambuilding options: 

  • Team assessment followed by off-site customized teambuilding retreats
  • Ongoing teambuilding facilitation and consultation services
  • Leadership and team-working in-house training sessions
  • Train-the-trainer “Principles of Accountability Leadership” workshops 

Many of these programs introduce and apply concepts and practices from Levinson’s widely acclaimed On Leadership and Strategic Organization  seminars


Cynsie Kraines will be happy to guide you through the details, options and fees.

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How can you ensure you are hiring the right person for every critical job?  While many executives rely on their gut feel when considering a person for a role, Levinson and Co. offers more. 

Levinson offers a comprehensive system of assessments that support that intuitive response and enable a better and more informed judgment.

  • With 50 years of consulting experience, we are leaders in the executive assessment and development.
  • Our Harvard-affiliated consultants apply a comprehensive and disciplined model for executive evaluation with a methodology that relates directly to today’s business and management issues.  They combine an in-depth knowledge of organizational and leadership systems with a solid understanding of individual capability and motivation.
  • You get the right person, with no surprises.  We help you clarify the precise requirements for the position, its organizational context, and each individual’s potential for success in that role.


  • A disciplined process for interviewing your senior managers to clarify the role requirements and working environment
  • A unique assessment of the candidate, which evaluates career trajectory, aptitudes and aspirations, emotional intelligence and maturity, and, most importantly, the capacity to master the complexities required of the role
  • A precise evaluation report and recommendations regarding candidate strengths, weaknesses, and the specific types of support and development needed to increase his or her likelihood of success in the role
  • Feedback to the candidate, if appropriate
  • Follow-up support, coaching and training, if agreed upon, for the individual chosen for the role


Cynsie Kraines can guide you through details and fees.

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Significant executive career decisions often have profound effects on the executive’s spouse or partner and their family.  The ultimate success of any choice depends on how thoroughly a couple weighs the pros and cons and how mutually committed they are to the decision.

This consultation is invaluable whenever important career decisions require taking an inventory of the couple’s aspirations, obligations, physical and emotional health, hopes, and fears:

  • Relocation, especially overseas assignments
  • Promotions with greater time demands
  • Urgent family demands that interfere with work requirements
  • Retirement options
  • Family-business succession issues

Levinson and Co. is a pioneer in the development of a unique, highly effective approach for bringing executive couples together to make important life decisions in a confidential and professional setting.  Levinson executive-couple consultants are Harvard-affiliated psychologists and psychiatrists with many years of experience counseling couples about work-life balance and trade-offs.

The format for this consultation is straightforward.  It is a structured three-to-five-day program, where a manager and his or her partner meets with an experienced Levinson consultant, usually in both mornings and afternoons.

This consultation is designed to answer five key questions.

  • What are the things most important to each of us?
  • What potential impacts will each choice have on us?
  • What are the pros and cons of each choice?
  • What innovative solutions could satisfy each of our needs, while strengthening our relationship?
  • What do we need to do to make this happen?


Coaching sessions are usually held at the Harvard Club, Boston, over three-to-five days.  Contact Cynsie Kraines to plan your executive-couple session. 

*While this type of consultation provides a valuable opportunity for the executive and his or her partner to work together as a couple, it is not marriage counseling or therapy.  Frequently, however, it does produce significant and positive insights into marital relationships.  

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