Colleague Assessment

This questionnaire is intended to help YOU think about a subordinate, manager, or colleague who is planning to attend the Levinson Institute On Leadership seminar. The purpose of this form is to help you focus on YOUR perceptions of that individual’s strengths, as well as those areas in which YOU think that individual may need training, coaching, and/or other developmental experiences. Thanks for your help!

  • Effective managers and leaders need skills in their own technical or professional areas, but they also need:

    • To understand people
    • To manage effectively
    • To understand the organizational systems in which they operate

    We would like you to consider, and write a few sentences about:

  • Consider such issues, for example, as
    • How well he/she "sizes up" people
    • How he/she works with, and enjoys working with, others
    • How much he/she understands others' motivations, and why they do the things they do
  • Consider such issues, for example, as
    • How he/she plans and communicates those plans to others
    • How he/she assigns tasks and monitors them
    • How/whether he/she provides feedback, both positive and negative, and develops people
  • Consider such issues, for example, as how well he/she
    • Aligns his/her work in an organizational context
    • Works across functions
    • Approaches systems—compensation, appraisal, career development, etc.