Does your organization have symptoms that suggest it is not functioning optimally?  Does it feel like you are operating in a run-down mode with low levels of energy and morale?  Or is your organization lagging because its processes are constricted or its structures are broken?   

It may seem a stretch to compare a work organization’s health with that of a working person, but it isn’t in the least.  At Levinson and Co., we understand how to diagnose the sources of these symptoms and know how to optimize organizations and workplaces.

After almost 50 years of consultation and research, we understand a great deal about how nature intends for people to organize, behave, and interact around different kinds of working environments.  There is a genuine science emerging about the proper anatomy and physiology of highly capable, effective, and accountable companies and even government agencies.  And, if these principles and practices are applied properly, any organization can be brought up to its maximum potential health and peak productive effectiveness.

Often, approaches to improving organizational effectiveness or curing areas of dysfunction focus on treating the symptoms, not on diagnosing the underlying causes.  We know in medicine that accurate diagnosis is 90% of the cure.  The same applies to help an organization to reach its peak performance.  However, even the most well-known and respected consultancy practices tend to rely more on benchmarking to offer remedies, rather than on examining root causes.  This rarely results in finding the actual sources of the problem or in meeting the unique needs of the client, but, instead, offers a Band-Aid approach. 

Levinson and Co. approaches optimizing organizational and leadership health much differently.  That’s why so many of our consultants are physicians and psychologists—many have Harvard Medical School appointments. 

Doctors are taught to examine their patients as complex human systems.  They know that evolution has tested and selected the optimal anatomies and physiologies for humans to function as well as they do.  When people do not feel or function well, physicians have been trained to examine all of the structures, processes, and systems that might be contributing to the symptoms and figure out which of them need to be restored to their optimal state and in what way.

Both Harry Levinson, Ph.D., Levinson and Co. founder, and I adhere to the premise that managers are capable of learning and applying “first principles” to their own leadership behaviors and to requisitely aligning every aspect of their organizations with their strategies.  The Wall Street Journal refers to Levinson and Co. as “that bastion of management consulting and leadership development.”  We prefer to think of ourselves as the “thinking manager’s resource.”

Optimized organizations create the conditions where people can work at their full potential and deliver maximum value in their roles.  Their employees feel valued because they are freed up from having to waste time and energy “working the system.”  Optimized organizations have capable and efficient processes attached to logical structures, so it is always clear who is accountable for what and those who are accountable have the required resources and authorities.  Optimized organizations have managers who add value and lead effectively to ensure their people will be successful and thus create environments in which their people welcome being held accountable.

Levinson and Co. starts with your organization and its managers where you want to start.  Our consultants and faculty are skilled at listening—really listening—but also interpreting what they hear through multiple perspectives.  Just as a physician takes a history, conducts a review of systems, performs a physical exam, and orders lab tests and x-rays, our consultants efficiently and thoroughly explore all relevant factors that may account for the problems you want them to solve.  We even developed the most advanced software technology available, SONARIO®, with which to collect and synthesize all of the information and analyze it in order to treat the organization as a total system.

Our entire approach is geared toward making your organization sustainably optimized.  We want all of your managers and employees to learn how to be proactive and adaptive as new demands and prospects inevitably present themselves.  So we go well beyond helping you to function at peak performance today.  We work to transfer all of our knowledge and tools to your organization so that it (and your people) will always be able to function optimally and know how to prepare—in advance—for new threats or opportunities.  Again, our goal is to serve as the “thinking manager’s resource.”

Please take the time to browse through our website to review the full range of programs and services we offer and don’t hesitate to call or email us for more information.



Gerald A. Kraines M.D.

Chairman and CEO
Levinson and Co.