Benjamin C. Duster IV, Corporate Governance Expert, and Independent Advisor





Benjamin Duster is an independent director on the boards of public companies undergoing or contemplating transforming change, requiring the development and implementation of new managerial, operational, organizational, and/or strategic initiatives. 

For Duster, Strategic Organization and Sonario® enable him to more effectively question and challenge managers, not just at the point of measurable outputs, but throughout the value creation process.

Academically trained with a BA in Economics (Honors) from Yale University, an MBA and Juris Doctorate from Harvard University, Ben’s expertise is broad and deep. His corporate knowledge spans turnaround management and restructuring, financial organization and structure, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets transactions, private equity and substantial board and corporate governance. 

Ben currently serves on several public company boards, including Accuride Corporation (NYSE) and Chorus Aviation, Inc.(TSX), Netia, SA (WSX), WBL (SGX) and Multi-Fineline Electronics (NASDAQ).