Accountability Leadership demystifies the notion of leadership with a set of principles that are clear and straightforward to implement.

Terry de Jonckheere, former president, South America Operations, Ford Motor Company.

In this most perceptive analysis of accountability, Gerry Kraines builds on the well-known work of Elliott Jaques and takes this essential management concept to a new dimension.

Francis Carpenter, former secretary general, European Investment Bank

Dr. Kraines has crystallized his years of teaching and consulting into a useful handbook for new leaders.  Accountability Leadership provides a roadmap for establishing a high-performance culture and developing a pipeline of talent.  This should be basic reading for all new managers.

Charles G, Tharp, executive vice president, HR Policy Association

Accountability Leadership, written by Dr. Gerry Kraines, breaks new ground in the world of business books.  In his work consulting to major corporations worldwide, Dr. Gerry Kraines consistently proves 60% to 70% of almost any organization’s potential effectiveness goes unrealized. 

Accountability Leadership is a powerful business tool, offering a common language and framework for creating the most adaptive, productive, and accountable businesses anywhere.  This practical guide offers three powerful perspectives to guide readers in understanding and implementing a total managerial leadership system. 

  1. A total systems perspective, clarifying principles governing alignment at multiple levels
  2. Sound managerial leadership practices, providing a language and insights for enhancing managerial effectiveness 
  3. Sound psychological principles, ensuring that systems and managerial practices contribute to an adaptive and accountability-based culture, based on fairness and trust.  

Managers who have implemented the book’s concepts report:

  • Employees working at or near full potential
  • Free-flowing, value-adding employee-manager communication
  • Greatly improved product quality and product delivery
  • Cross-functional processes, which are simultaneously accountable, capable and efficient
  • A new openness by management to creative ideas and “out of the box” thinking
  • Dramatically improved customer satisfaction

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